Short Order Los Angeles Single Origin Coffee Los Angeles Short Cake Bakery Los Angeles


6333 W. 3rd St. Stall #316 
Los Angeles, CA 90036

brewing daily

8a-9p mon-sat
8a-7:30p sun


(323) 761-7976

Single Origin is a contemporary coffee bar, committed to serving excellent

espresso and hand-brewed coffee. With a strong emphasis on single origin

coffees - grown within one single known geographic origin, on a single farm,

or a specific collection of beans from one single country – the traceability from

seed to cup defines us, our coffee roaster & the specialty coffee industry as a whole.

We’re always raising the bar. Through optimum brewing techniques &

state-of-the-art equipment, we will never sacrifice quality. That’s a promise.

We want to make customers into friends & our goal is simple: provide our

friends with an unparalleled experience. From quality coffee, to hospitality,

to sourcing only the best ingredients around (Verve and Handsome coffee

roasters, Straus milk, and TCHO chocolate to name a few), we are dedicated

craftsmen in pursuit of the ultimate cup.

Single Origin, housed within Short Cake Bakery at the Farmer’s Market,

was conceptualized through the passion and expertise of Nikolas Krankl, Bill Chait and

the late Amy Pressman, and is now directed by Pastry Chef Hourie Sahakian.